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Ornithology: present interests

     I believe natural history research provide us with lots of important information and even explained keystone processes on many species. However, most hypotheses nowadays being tested in Ornithology need more than just binoculars and a notebook, but an association of careful field observations and heavy knowledge on ecological theory.

Study site view, with an open savannah area in the
front and typical Cerrado in the background

The migratory Lesser Elaenia: massive arrival
for breeding at the study site

     Therefore, I developed my Ph.D. at Dr. Miguel Â. Marini’s Lab and in collaboration with several other researchers, such as Dr. Jeffrey F. Kelly, Dr. Eli Bridge, and Alex Jahn (coordinator of Aves Internacionales).
     Briefly, the Ph.D. project aim was to evaluate how migration may impact on ecology of migrant birds at the individual level. Specifically, we are focused on evaluating how the migratory journey and its associated energetic demands affect breeding success of migrants. Also, we are evaluating how arrival of migrants to the breeding grounds may affect ecology (e.g. breeding and diet) of a resident congeneric species. (More details here)

Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR) - Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia e Conservação - Curitiba-PR, Brazil