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Passion for Ornithology

      I discovered my passion for ornithology while I was still researching termites. In September 2004, I have met Carlos O. A. Gussoni, another Biology undergraduate student, which was tutoring bird identification during some field ecology classes I was taking. At the end of the very first class, we chatted about a final work I would have to do for an Animal Behavior Course. He immediately suggested studying breeding behavior of a Whistling Heron (Syrigma sibilatrix) couple that we have just found building its nest (paper PDF). From that day on, we became close friends and made many research by our own, especially regarding bird behavior, breeding, and migration. Most of our data were presented (Poster and Oral presentations) in editions of the Brazilian Ornithology Congress. In fact, one of them was awarded the Helmut Sick Prize as the best presentation and many others were published in Brazilian and International Journals (see Publication section).

Book cover, the approval by our colleague Patrick Inácio Pina
and sample pages

     In December 2008 we published our first book, a result of almost four years of bibliographic survey and field work: a field guide to the birds of our university campus (“Aves do câmpus da UNESP em Rio Claro”). With this work, we succesfully stimulated students and professors to develop more research on Ornithology in our university, besides approaching local people to the university campus and stimulating bird-watching activities (which latelly are becoming a more often activity among Brazilians).
     The launching event accounted on with more than 250 person, including Fabio E. Matheus, our sponsor representative (Arruda Botelho Institute - IAB), and plenty of university students, professors, employees and local citizens. Even before launching, but mostly after that, the book was theme of many newspaper, magazine, and TV articles (Press section). Popularity and quality of the book warranted us selling almost all 1,000 copies in less than 12 months, not just locally, but also to more than 200 other cities, in fifteen different Brazilian States and even abroad.

Booking launching event: about 250 students, professors,
university employees and general citizen were present

Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR) - Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia e Conservação - Curitiba-PR, Brazil