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     As Biologist and Ornithologist, I have broad interest in studying bird ecology. Specifically, I investigate migratory ecology of continental birds, including their breeding and behavioral ecology.

     Briefly, in my Master’s Degree project I have investigated Rhipsalis (Cactaceae) epiphytes in the Atlantic Forest and confirmed, together with Bruna Boeni and my advisor Marco Aurélio Pizo, these plants have a specialized seed dispersal system involving Euphonia bird species.

     Between 2009 and 2010, I was at the Laboratório de Fenologia. At that time, I have collected literature and field data and, then, structured a database of bird-fruit interactions for many Brazilian cerrado species.

Rhipsalis fruits and one of its main seed dispersers:
the Purple-throated Euphonia
Lesser Elaenia
Elaenia chiriquensis
Plain-crested Elaenia
Elaenia cristata

     I have  concluded my Ph.D. project on comparative ecology of a resident and a migratory Flycatcher species at the Universidade de Brasília (UnB). I was advised by Dr. Miguel Â. Marini, but also accounted with invaluable support of Dr. Jeffrey F. Kelly from Oklahoma University. Moreover, a collaboration with Dr. Eli Bridge and Dr. João Pinho (UFMT) is ensuring a study using geolocators to track the migration of the Lesser Elaenia and the Swainson's Flycatcher. Results should come up soon!

A Lesser Elaenia individual equiped with a geolocator unit

A Swainson's Flycatcher individual, one of the
model-species included in our ongoing project

     I was briefly as post-doc at Dr. Regina Macedo's lab to develop a research on feather quality and breeding success of migrants. Currently I am a pos-doc at Universidade Federal do Paraná, developing a study on altitudinal migration of birds within the Atlantic Forest range.

     Please visit the other sections of this website to find out more about me and my work. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Sensu stricto Brazilian Cerrado view
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